Google puts machine learning into the hands of the advertisers

By Woven Agency, Wednesday July 11, 2018

Following Google’s revamp of its AdWords brand earlier last month, a number of further initiatives have been unveiled during its live-streamed event at Google Marketing Live on 10th July, Tuesday in San Jose, California. Powered by machine learning, they aim to help marketers unlock even more opportunities.

We’ve rounded up the announcement from Tuesday here for you, in case you missed out on the keynote event.

Responsive search ads

With the rise of mobile, consumers are now more demanding and have higher expectations. This means that ads need to be more personalised and tailored to their specific needs. This new ad type, which combines your creativity with Google’s machine learning, helps deliver more relevant ads that can create better value for your audience.

If you provide Google with 15 headlines and 4 description lines, Google will test out different combinations to see which ad creative performs best for search queries. This means that people searching for the same thing can see different ads based on context. This feature will begin rolling out to advertisers over the next few months.

Maximise lift for YouTube

With over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube are watched every day, targeting the right audience at the right time has never been more important.

Google’s new smart bidding strategy will help automatically adjust bids on YouTube, in order to maximise the impact of your video ads. This will help deliver your campaign to users who are most likely to consider a brand after seeing the video ad.

Local Campaigns

Google’s “near me” searches have increased drastically over the past two years, with almost 80 percent of shoppers going into a store when there’s an item they immediately want.

This new campaign type, called Local Campaigns, is designed to specifically drive store visits by providing consumers information such as business locations and ad creative.

Smart Shopping Campaigns

This campaign type adds on to the Shopping campaign type that was rolled out earlier this year. You can now select store visits or new customers as goals in addition to maximising conversion value. Smart Shopping Campaigns use machine learning to automatically optimise your campaign by factoring in the likelihood that a click will result in any of your selected goals, and will adjust the bid accordingly.