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Seven Days to Save Nine Lives

Driving sales and raising brand profile - delivering a campaign that wipes the floor with the competition.

We developed a social media marketing campaign to amplify our client’s fantastic, feline-themed promotional video for its new ‘1-2 Spray Mop’.

Our primary aim was to promote Vileda’s ‘Save Your Cats’ video across social media, YouTube and Google, generating as many views as possible in just seven days whilst working to a limited budget. Achieving this would also accomplish the secondary aim of increasing sales of the Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop featured in the video.


The 'Save Your Cats' video featured an amusing montage of cats that have lapped up various household spills, causing a variety of entertaining reactions.

The narrative inspired the viewer to 'save their cat' from experiencing a similar fate by using Vileda’s 1-2 Spray Mop.

We chose Woven as we were impressed with their approach and their excitement for the project.

Emma Crosland - Digital Marketing Manager, Vileda


Our digital marketing team launched the campaign across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google using the hashtag #saveyourcats.

To improve the campaign's engagement, our creative team attributed a persona to each feline. Our social media experts also ran a competition alongside the campaign to increase share ability.

Vileda were so impressed with the results that they called upon us again to deliver another social media campaign with a similar brief. Our team got to work on planning an integrated campaign which relied on audience profiling, strategic video seeding and innovative content amplification techniques.

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