Introducing Ben – a Godfather of Grammar!

By Woven Agency, Wednesday October 18, 2017

Photo_Of_Ben_FittonWe’re thrilled to introduce you to our awe-inspiring new Copywriter, Ben Fitton, the latest talent to join us at INK Towers.

Ben has spent the last five years working his copywriting magic for Asda, writing for all their own brand products as well as dabbling in internal comms, training materials and website copy.

Ben has previously worked for the NHS and Children’s Society but has always been drawn towards the charm of wordsmithery. Like most copywriters, he’s obsessive about punctuation and loves nothing more than a passionate grammar-geek debate on the use of semicolons, Oxford commas,* and hyphens.

He enjoys writing short stories, five of which have been published in recent years. Ben is currently working on the obligatory novel which in his own humble words ‘is slowly going nowhere’. Away from quill and ink, he likes to read (a self-confessed sci-fi nerd), draw, play the guitar and – in order to satisfy his lifelong passion for the cultural arts – watch Coronation Street.

If you’d like to have read of any of his published short stories or need some copywriting advice, drop Ben an email –


*The inclusion of this Oxford comma was heavily debated during the course of writing this blog post. No copywriters were hurt in the process.

Written by Aqib Hamid, Content Marketing Executive.