Google AdWords becomes Google Ads

By Woven Agency, Friday June 29, 2018

Google AdWords has been around for nearly 18 years with the goal of making it easier for people to connect with businesses. On June 27th, Sridhar Ramaswamy announced that Google is revamping its AdWords brand in an effort to make advertising easier for brands to understand.

Google Adwords Rebrands

So, what’s changing exactly?

Aside from the new name and logo, Google is making some key changes to its ad organisation.

Firstly, it is unifying DoubleClick advertiser products and the Google Analytics 360 Suite under one brand dubbed as Google Marketing Platform. This will become a central platform where marketers can optimise and measure their digital media experiences.

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Secondly, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Audience Center and Campaign Manager are all merging to become Display & Video 360. This will be available as part of the Google Marketing Platform and will serve as a central platform to managing media campaigns more effectively for creatives.

Finally, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange will combine to become Google Ad Manager, an interface where publishers can manage programmatic ad content more simply.

Google is also launching Smart Campaigns, specifically aimed at small businesses. This brings machine learning into Google Ads to help small businesses create campaigns with more ease so they can prioritise running their business.

What’s next?

While these changes aim to streamline advertising for marketers, Ramaswamy insists that the core functionality of the tool is staying the same. You should expect to start seeing the rebrand roll out in July.

More information and a live demo are expected to be unveiled at Google’s next Marketing Live event on July 10th.

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